Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Pool Rules

I'm off to girls camp for the rest of the week. I'm bringing a family sized box of Gas-X. Last year my stomach became so bloated that the Beehives thought I was expecting. I told them I needed to give birth to something(not a baby), and that was none of their business.

Last year, at this same time, my homegurl made these "pool rules." I love how she uses her little brother as a rule-bearing pawn. Such a clever girl, kinda like su madre. I adore rule number one for many reasons. I'll keep my adoration of that rule to myself. I am a lady, after all.


  1. My husband made a rule: No pooping in the car. Can't even begin to tell THAT story.

    I like the "No splashing Grandma."

  2. Josh is such a crack- up (He got it from you!) You are the absolute best!