Tuesday, June 9, 2009

T-Shirt Blanket

When I graduated from high school, mi madre's friend, Sister Haun, made for me a blanket out of my high school T-shirts. It's better than any blanket on earth (really). It's soft, weathered and worn, and filled with memories from my glory days.

I like my blanket so much that I thought it would be appropriate to pass on Sister Haun's generosity. (She's an absolute gem.) When the Young Women in our ward turn sixteen, we make them a blanket. We have an assembly line: one person cuts and sews the top, one person sews and ties the backside. Here's what you'll need if you want to make someone in your life feel like a million bucks!

1. Cut out twenty five 11.5 x 11.5 inch squares )13 T-shirts, using their fronts and backs. I use cardboard as my 11.5 x 11.5 pattern piece.

2. Lay out the T-shirts in 5 rows of 5.

3. Sew individual rows, left to right

4. Sew together each row, working from the top of the blanket to the bottom.

5. Take 2 yards of any fabric (we use satin) and cut it to match the length and width of the assembled T-shirt layer.

6. Take the 2 layers and put wrong sides together. Then put a thin layer of batting over the top of the two layers.

7. Sew all three layers together, leaving an 8 inch opening.

8. Flip wrong sides out through your 8 inch opening and tie with yarn.

9. Hand sew, using a blind stitch, the 8 inch opening.

These are coarse directions. Don't judge me for it! Here are additional directions.


  1. Even though I have a long while to go, I CANNOT wait to turn 16 so I can get my blanket!

  2. You have such talent! You work so hard at those blankets!

  3. What a great idea!! I printed out your instructions. I'm going to try one! Thanks!

  4. I know your blanket will be fab. I'll want to see pictures!

  5. We did these as a Laurel project in YW - let them pass something off..... I love mine and always take it to camp - the talk of the cabin...(no pride involved..)

  6. what a cute idea! i can almost feel the softness form here :)

  7. uggg, i hate it when i typo. i just can't leave it sitting there like a dummy...

    FROM :)

  8. I am sure everyone of those girls LOVES you because you work so hard!

  9. I know they love you for all of your hard work. Annie has slept with her's since you gave it too her. I'm about to take it away. I think it's got a sleeping spell attached to it! Thanks again. You're the best. I love ya.

  10. Love that! That's so fun!!! I've actually saved a lot of my kid's baby/little kid clothes that really remind me of them and thought I could turn them into a blanket someday when they're all grown up.