Sunday, June 14, 2009

Solid Gold

I've watched every episode of Solid Gold. For years I've dreamed of becoming like the girl at the bottom of the picture (She was always my favorite.) "What does a gorgeous girl like that do with all that hair when she's not dancing?" I would ask myself that question while I made up dances for my pretend Solid Gold dance auditions. I even made a black yarn wig-ish hair piece for authenticity's sake. Of course, I was the only one auditioning, and I always made the team.

I've never taken a real dance class. I don't know the first thing about sashays, pirouettes, or split leaps. My best friend, while growing up, was a dancer, a really good dancer, and I've envied her talent for years. I've decided that the only way I can obliterate my gnawing envy is to live through my daughter. It's a sick confession, I know. What I lack, she'll make up, twentyfold.

She actually loves to dance. I tell mi Amor that we need dance, she and I.

"Dance makes our lives better," I tell him.

"Do you love dance or does she?" He asks.

"We both crave it," I tell him.

He rolls his eyes knowing that I'm really just a sick-in-the-head Stage Mom.

Last night my homgurl danced her recital brains out. I was so proud of her that my eyes went misty. After the show, her dance teacher approached me, extending to her an invitation to tryout for their Company team. "Yes, yes, I'll do it...I mean, she'll do it," I said, while clapping my hands and running in place. Her barely adult-aged dance teacher then gave me a much needed dose of mental telepathy: We don't have room for near forty-year-old women on our team. Start living your own dreams. I got her message loud and clear.

P.S. I'm going to bed right now, but I just shoveled a handful of brownies into my mouth. I'm not even going to brush my teeth.


  1. i spotted her in more than one dance! she is quite good. i was amazed at how good some of those dancers are! i love it and am hooked on dance for good! we were gonna switch places but i was so impressed at the recital i think were gonna stay. anyhoo i want natalie to do the dynamite express but shes such a beginner i dont know if theyd take her. its so awesome that hannah's gonna be in the company!!! shes such a cute girl!!

  2. how long was hannah in DE before she was offered a place with the company?

  3. 2 years. She's not gauranteed a spot and if you do get in, you have to deal with sometimes competing on Sunday. We may just stick with DE.

  4. oh yeah... offered a shot at the company. thats what i meant :)
    i signed natalie up for the dynamite express dance camp in hopes she will do better in her DE tryout. I'm scared for her. shes so shy. and really shes so beginner. she said to me "do I have to dance by myself? because I'm not good at dancing by myself" i said. i dunno... good luck with that :) i was just thinking all that cute dance wear doesnt look too hard to make...

  5. It doesn't. Except, I hear stretchy fabric is hard to work with? On Thurs. or Fri, during the dance camp, I ask the teacher if I can video the try-out dance. Then Hannah comes home and practices and practices. They try-out with a group of girls, like four. Then they post who makes it on Sun.,I think.

  6. We will help Natalie make it. I'm the best Stage Mom in town. Bring your tape over on Fri. and we will shake it like a polaroid picture.

  7. I find it helps to buy yourself a tutu and a spangled vest and leap across the living room several times a day.

  8. I'm getting too old for that. I can barely bend over to pick-up the legos sprinkled about this house. I also wanted to be a singer. Last year my dad signed me up for BYU's Beautiful Singing workshop taught by Clayne Robison. You've seen the commercials on BYU Television. I was a disaster. Professor Robinson was a gem for enduring it all.

  9. I'm so like you, living through my daughter. I never took dance either, but always wish I could have. Your daughter's adorable and I'm sure she loves it!!

  10. k so wait... holy cow theres an actual dance they do to try out?? k so glad i know that! and they'll prob let me tape it? im totally coming over friday to shake like a polaroid picture... i mean natalie will shake like a polaroid... you're funny. what time does the shaking usually begin?? i wish i knew the in's and out's of the dance world but i don't so lucky me, i gots you :)

    oh and i never sewed on strechy but i bet its not that hard. im gonna try it. if you and i got together we could come up with some sweet designs!