Saturday, June 20, 2009

Project Bear Hugs

I went to the LDS Humanitarin Center to find a project for our Young Women. A sweet sister, named Verna, suggested that we make the above pictured bears. "What will you do with the completed bears." I asked. "We'll send them to orphanages in Romania," she said, while squeezing my arm for good measure. She handed me the bear pattern and patted my back, "Good luck!"

The girls attached hope for a better life with each stitch. The orphans will feel that love, and they will love the bears, imperfections and all.


  1. The orphans will love the bears. That sister has already repented of saying that. I'm sure.

  2. I suggested that we ding-dong ditch them, but that wasn't a nice thing to say, either. I've repented.