Monday, January 9, 2012

Birthday Bliss

My homegurl spent the last three days soaking in her birthday celebration.

On Friday, I brought homemade cake balls to her school.  

On Saturday morning we went to the temple and did some family names, a tradition mi madre started when my homegurl turned twelve. 
Then we met Kristie at the MAC Counter, and she did Hannah's makeup and told us all about this amazing mascara, Haute and Naughty. It really is the best, despite its trashy name.

Then she got all gussied-up and our friend, Jill, took her pictures.

Another wardrobe change, and we were on our way to meet her dad at his office.  This is her posing while waiting for him to come out.  The two of them went to Vincent's and had creme brulee.
He gave her this necklace.
On Sunday, her actual birthday, we had cake. Somebody forgot the candles, so she only had three to blow-out. 
the end


  1. Happy birthday to one of my favorite girls :) I wanted to bring her cookies myself because I love her so much and wish we saw her more over here. I never did the cookies, but I still wish we saw her more :)

  2. katy, that cake is so pretty. you are the best mom ever. i had so much fun with you today. thanks so much for letting me tag along. i had lots to learn :) hannah is fabulous, she's got it all. josh is pretty charming too. and if i come down with strep its all worth it!

  3. I would like to have had you and your husband as my parents. Lucky Hannah. And Happy Birthday(s)!