Monday, January 23, 2012


Did you know this famous gal is in my ward?  Well, she was sitting in front of me during sacrament meeting yesterday, and I reached over and did a little tap-tap on her shoulder and said, "I think I saw you in your garage painting a headboard bright yellow, or something like that; I wasn't stalking you."  I continued since she was still nodding and smiling, "I have a set of Henredon, Louis XV style furniture that needs to be refinished."  She smiled and said, in a very professional, strait-forward way, "My prices are not cheap, meaning I don't do a chest of drawers for 200 bucks."  I think she could smell a bargain hunter, so I quickly said, "Well I'm looking to preserve this furniture.  It was my great grandma's, and so well, yeah...I'm looking for quality, you know?"

I sounded like an idiot, so whatever.

This morning I sent her an e-mail with pictures of the set.  I will keep you posted on our progress. In the meantime, look at some of her cool furniture restoration projects.


  1. so glad i met you today. even more glad that you keep referring me to famous. being around you is good for my ego :)

  2. Katy, you can do this. I liked Natty's blog and bookmarked it.