Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Love Notes

While cleaning out my homegurl's dance bag, I found this love note.  I read it, of course, because we have a rule: If you leave it where I have to clean it, it's public domain.

When Hannah got home from babysitting I handed her the note and said, "I loved reading this note from Bridget; what a sweet friend."  Instead of getting mad at me for reading what I shouldn't have, she said, "I know, Bridget is my favorite, and I'm glad you found that note because I promised I would write her back."

Bridget's love note reminded me that Valentine's Day is only a few short weeks away.  You won't find me standing in line at Walmart the night before we have to pass out love notes to ninety of our closest school friends.  I've already bought Pop Rocks, and we're attaching the free love note I found here.


  1. oh we are so on the same page...i already bought pop rocks too! no dorky transformer valentines from wal-mart for my boys this year!
    p.s. thanks for blogging so often lately, you are keeping me thoroughly entertained! I have my entire family from ID hooked on your blog. YOU are FAMOUS!

    1. Heidi, I think we share a brain:) Is Chloe going to EFY this year?

    2. Help! I missed the priority sign-up so she was FURIOUS with me. Is Hannah going? If so what week, I have to try during regular sign-ups to get her in the "right" week. P.S. I have always wondered who Louise is? What a cute lady!

  2. So let me get this straight: you stand in line the night before a science project but you're two weeks ahead of the game when it comes to Valentine's Day.

    Actually, I so get it.

  3. Louise, I tell Bryce how much I want to not fly by the seat of my pants. He's very very organized; I'm not. My planning, or lack thereof, baffles the both of us. I think I take on too much and never say no. Don't all women do this:)