Thursday, January 12, 2012

Candy-filled Apothecaries

courtesy of anders ruff
(Why doesn't my display look as cute as the above mentioned picture?)

 I have a neighbor who has three candy-filled apothecary jars sitting on her kitchen island.  They sit there year-round, displaying color coordinated candy suitable for any upcoming holiday.  Yesterday she asked me, "Have you seen any gumballs around?  I tried ordering from Lehi Valley Trading Company, but they only have green and peach, eew!"
I haven't seen any, maybe try Sprouts?" I said.
We'll yesterday, while I was shopping for some Puma socks, I found some gumballs.  Guess where?  TJ Maxx's Home Goods store.  You can also find them in bulk at the Candy Warehouse, but I have not looked at Sprouts, yet.  Do they have them?  Wait, I just called them, and Angel said they never carry gumballs, but they have other Valentine's Day candy in. Good to know.  Anyhoo,
I bought the gumballs at TJ Maxx and brought them to my friend's house.  Then I told her, "Every time I see gumballs I think about my high school friend, Kendall.  When we used to sit and eat our lunches, she would always pull out a can of Diet Sprite.  I would say, "Is that all you brought for lunch?' and she'd say, 'Yeah.  This and a baggie of gumballs.'
"She had an eating-disorder, I'm pretty sure," I concluded.  
Then my friend said, "Maybe I should try that!"  "Maybe not!" I said, then we both laughed.  

Look here for additional Valentine's Day apothecary ideas.


  1. What friend is this? The one that lives across the street from me? There are gumballs in all colors of the rainbow at Party City!

    1. I'll let her know, and good guess! Love u!

  2. I've never done anything this cute in my entire life. I'm awed.

    1. I've seen pictures of what your house looks like inside. I don't believe you.