Friday, January 20, 2012

Love You to the Moon and Back

I'm propping my eyes open with toothpicks due to the above pictured project.  Teachers should know that an at-home school assignment really becomes the parent or legal guardian's assignment; it's never entirely the work of the student (if at all).

We got our assignment over a week ago, and I went around the house saying things like: I promise I won't wait until the last night; I just won't do it.  I can't work under that kind of frantic pressure, and I've done it way too many times.  It will not happen again.  But life happens, and so does poor planning, so guess who was at the Walmart checkout at 10pm last night?

My hands look as if I'm wearing Michael Jackson's glitter gloves.  I've soaked them in water and even tried using the dish brush to scrap all the silver glitter and spray paint off.  Last night while I was sleeping, some of the glitter travelled from my hands and parked itself in my left eye.  Now I look like I've got pink eye.

The things we do to get through 5th grade.

P.S.  My littlest homie read the BOM to all of us while we were hanging stars.  We're catching up.


  1. I remember saying to Tom, "How many times do we have to go to 5th grade?"

    Exactly five times.