Monday, January 2, 2012

Our New Year's goal is to read the BOM as a family by December 31, 2012.

At our neighborhood New Year's Eve party, my neighbor asked, "Are you prepared for the Second Coming?"  I replied, "I'm pretty sure I'll be torched."  He chuckled, but then turned in closer and repeated the question in all seriousness.  I thought to myself, this is getting kind of weird, but for  some sick and twisted reason I'm going to entertain his question, as if it's any of his beeswax if I'm prepared or not.
     I said, "I don't think about it much. I have close to six months' worth of food stored and 72 hour kits for each of my family members.  But heaven knows there will be a major catastrophe and we won't be able to carry the food with us and we'll all starve and go Donner Party on each other."
     He continued, unphased by my last comment, "Don't you ever read Revelations?  Do you wonder about the moon turning to blood and the stars falling from the sky?  Like, do you want to know what all that means?"
     "No," I said, "those metaphors are for the Lord to know and for me to not think about, because when I start thinking too much about them, I become dysfunctional."  (He is obviously unaware of my tendency toward pandemonium any time I hear or discuss forthcoming gloom and doom.)
     "Well, they mean the earth will be knocked off its axis.  Did you know that?"  "No, and that's kind of scary to think about," I said. And then I turned my back and lit my sparkler. Totally awkward, right?

But then I decided I'd better read the Book of Mormon, again, and brush-up on my scriptural knowledge base.  I found this daily schedule that's manageable for a family filled with kids of varying ages.  If you're interested in reading the BOM this year too, here's the link.

P.S.  I do not take the signs of the Second Coming lightly, however, when someone asks me such personal questions, I will respond with ridiculous answers.


  1. Your post had me laughing to tears. Please tell me who this person is...
    How did primary go- your are so appreciated Katy!

  2. I heard someone say the other day how they haven't missed a day of being in the scriptures in some ridiculous amount of time. It was such a stake through the heart! I used to pat myself on the back so thoroughly for reading the scriptures every day as a young lady with no kids. I've been cursed for my pride with years upon years of unimpressive scripture reading. That's my one and only goal this be in the good books every day. Extra 30 lbs be darned!!

  3. When I think of reading the scriptures, my first thought is not Song of Solomon nor is it Revelations. BOM is totally doable. I'm reading it this year with our primary class of 7-year olds.

    Your neighbor needs to be conked on the head with a triple combination.

  4. Bryce thinks I should remove this post. He's afraid my neighbor will read this and be offended. But I want my neighbor to know we're reading the BOM because of his thought provoking question. I'm preparing. I'm preparing. I need not fear.